Free 30 Minute Consultation for first time visit

Most clients choose to have the free assessment directly before their session, thereby saving an additional appointment and trip. There is still no obligation. If, after the assessment, you decide to not proceed there is no charge.

General Session

For all issues with the exception of weight management and smoking cessation. Some issues require more than one session, which can be determined during the free assessment.

Stop Smoking

This consists of two back to back sessions: First hour you will stop smoking. Second hour to make you happy you're free from smoking, and glad you'll never have to smoke again.

Weight Loss and ongoing management to remain trim and toned

For weight loss, if you want to lose more than 15 lbs., it's better to first come in for a free assessment to determine a plan you'll like and stick to. For less than 15 lbs., a simple session may be all you need. You'll be able to determine that during the assessment.